It’s A 360° Wrap

The Branding Opportunity of Shrink Sleeve Labels 

The prime advantage of a shrink sleeve label versus a printed label is the 360-degree branding opportunity. Shrink sleeves increase messaging real estate by 150%, with only a slight increase in cost over conventional labels. Imagine the decorating options? Shrink sleeves are also scuff-resistant and durable against both moisture and friction, making them a perfect choice for your chilled beverage of choice!

WGG 4928


Standout Branding 

Shrink sleeve labels give you a broad canvas, so let your imagination go wild. Get an extra competitive advantage with Wright Global Graphics’ top-notch artists and printers. They work with you to create brand popping artwork customers can’t resist.

Zip-Tastic Design 

Add a horizontal, vertical, or t-perforation to your shrink sleeves to make sleeve removal easy and recyclable. You can create a tamper-resistant seal with the same method to assure consumers your product contents are safe and secure.

Can Do Attitude 

We are all about making your canning experience attractive, easier, and more convenient. Not only do we offer stunning shrink sleeves and labels, but we offer cans and toppers as well. We can even arrange for mobile canning services if you need them.

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