American Made. 

Globally Recognized. 

Ready To Hire.


The sign is up: “We’re Hiring!”

We’re proud to be an American based manufacturing company, and a stable employer for our communities here and abroad. We couldn’t do it without our customers. Their continued support enables us to provide good jobs that turn into careers.

Bill and Tom Wright established Wright of Thomasville over 60 years ago in the American state known for its innovations in furniture and textiles: North Carolina. Still family-owned, the company has grown its domestic production facilities to have global reach and give its clients a leading edge to experience the same. Now, Wright Global Graphics (WGG) has a client list spanning from regional companies like its first customer, 100-year-old, Capel Rugs to Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The Wright brothers then, and the Wright brothers now continue to abide by three guiding principles:


A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept

It’s simple in theory and challenging in practice. However, it is why clients like Capel Rugs stay with us and have since we opened our doors.

Provide A Local Touch That’s Far Reaching

Building long-lasting relationships means staying community minded while partnering with our clients where they are and taking them as far as they want to go.

Stay Ahead of Tomorrow

Innovation, creativity, craftsmanship, production, and on-time delivery require forward-thinking. We pool the right talent so clients can stay ahead of the competition. We’re hiring today! Come join us and be a part of an exciting tomorrow.  

If interested in applying for a job, please send a resume to