Make Your Mark On 2021

A Brand Review In Three Easy Steps

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If you’re looking over your shoulder and wondering what just happened? That, my friend, was 2020. It gave us pause and ingrained in us the importance of flexibility. As you embark on the New Year, it’s the perfect time to review your brand and its agility in the marketplace. There are three steps worth considering:

Step 1: Asset Review

Who are you? Where have you been, and where do you want to go? Here’s a simple plan to have a solid Asset Review and still conduct your day-to-day business:

o     Designate a brand team.

–   Whether it’s one person or one hundred, the size of that team is relative to your company’s size and the number of sub brands you might have.

o     Set up a “war room” or central digital hub.

–   This is an excellent way to maintain branding elements and guidelines. It also helps other offices review it simultaneously.

o      Include all customer-facing marketing materials.

–   This provides an at-a-glance historical narrative of your brand and provides a holistic perspective.

o     Consider the following:

–       Logo and label designs, sizes, cuts, colors, etc.

–       Label placement and display environments.

–       Effectiveness of your choices   

–       Label mates (competitors) and their effectiveness

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Step 2: Customer Currents

Customer Experience (CX) is king and it’s important to gain insights into how the pandemic has affected your customer’s experience of your brand. Assessing 2020 from your customer’s perspective eliminates preconceived assumptions and offers real-time data. There are a couple of ways to get the information you need:

o      A small email marketing survey with ten questions allows your customers to answer quickly and candidly.

o      A simple phone call may be what you prefer. Either way, consider asking them how things shifted in 2020 regarding the products or services you provide.

o      Be sure to ask direct questions about the visibility and experience with brand identity pieces like your labels.

o      You may want to ask how they feel you stack up against the competition? Is there anyone new on the scene? You may have lost competitors in 2020.

Step 3: Agile Moves

You are now better equipped to make smart, educated decisions and agile moves, whether addressing the in-store environment, digital experience, label enhancement, or a total brand refresh. There are a few lasting trends to keep in mind:

o     Authenticity – Real content, customer service response, or community support

o     Minimalism – White space, sparse graphics, flexibility for yearly trends

o     Digital dark mode –Reduces eyestrain, so customers spend more time with you

Be sure to read our previous blog on the integral role color plays on your brand. Like 2021 color trends, fonts are trending simple and classic, with retro fonts generating nostalgia for years gone by bringing Helvetica and Futura back on the scene. There are also newer kids on the block we are happy to share with you.

If you decide to make your mark with a fresh look, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our designers and printers have what it takes to make your impression on 2021 precisely what you want it to be. From design, press, print, cut, and deliver, Wright Global Graphics is ready to inspire your Brand New Year.