WGG AmericanBeerDay

Walking through the grocery store aisle looking for something new to try and – Oh! Wow! That’s a cool label!  

Did you know the manufacturing, marketing, and selling of craft beer is a 29.3 billion dollar industry? It’s true! It accounts for more than 25% of the entire U.S. beer market. The WGG team has certainly done our part to contribute to those numbers (some call it day drinking, we call it research!), but it takes more than that. Our sales and creative teams are experts when it comes to creating extraordinary beer labels for your brand. 

Today, the craft beer industry is more competitive than ever – which is why putting a memorable beer label on your product is critical. As the category grows, so do the choices. It can be extremely overwhelming when consumers walk up and down the beer aisles looking for something different to drink. Whether your beer is sold in bottles, cans, crowlers, or growlers, it’s crucial that your custom beer label shines with your brand and holds up to both moisture and temperature requirements.  

So, how do you attract first time buyers and make your consumers want to share your brew with their friends? A few years ago, Neilsen conducted a study that said 71% of craft beer buyers say “they like to try brands with bold and interesting packaging.” And the possibilities for creating a brilliant label are endless, from striking art and design to the use of materials and techniques. 

Brewers can be marvelously creative – think about all the mouthwatering standard and seasonal IPAs, porters, lagers, sours, and stouts. The consumer seeks that same kind of thought into their shelf appeal.   

To translate your brand personality into a visual brand identity, it is a good idea to start with a “what will make this label rock” checklist.  

For instance, does your label: 

  • ·       Tell the story of your brew and showcase your brand identity?
  • ·       Show your brand’s aesthetic?
  • ·       Work with the size and shape of your packaging? 
  • ·       Use style and imagery that relate to your brand?
  • ·       Utilize innovative techniques like interactive elements or metallic effects to help it stand out?
  • ·       Stand up to ice, moisture, and light?
  • ·       Compliment the rest of your product offerings?

 WGG will work with you to check all of these boxes and more! We won’t stop until your design and materials work together and create a custom label that fits your brand just right. After all – “They’ll know you by your label.”