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They’ll Know You By Your Label

There’s an art and science to creating effective and eye-catching labels that cut through the clutter and motivates shoppers to first notice — and then select your product. Once in hand, an effective label amplifies a brand narrative that inspires the second action: making the purchase. Our digital printing capabilities mean we can produce brilliant and impactful labels on tight turnarounds. Wright Global Graphics’ expert team has more than 50 years of experience in successfully developing labeling that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Craft Spirit Labels

The label sells the first bottle. Your product sells the second (and third and fourth). Having a high-quality label that reflects the personality of your brand is critical to the success of your product.

Wine Labels

When selecting a wine, consumers admit the label plays a big part of the purchase decision. We design and produce wine labels that reflect your brand while attracting the attention of the consumer. 

Beer Labels

The craft beer industry is more competitive than ever, which is why putting the best beer label on your product is crucial. 

Candle Labels

Candles in the home are an expression of both style and luxury. The label must reflect the personality of your brand as well trends in home decorating.

Floor Covering Labels

Hard surface flooring or soft surface carpet and rugs, we produce high quality labels that both inform and inspire the consumer. 

Furniture Labels

Custom furniture labels showcase crucial information, including brand, care requirements, content, and legal information. 

Food Labels

We design and produce labels for olive oils, baked goods, cereal, dairy goods, honey, pet treats, jams and preserves, pickles, salad dressings, bottled water, juice, cold-brew coffee, kombucha, snack – and more!

Apparel Labels

Our extensive production capabilities mean we can print it, form it, weave it, embroider it – all with careful attention to maintaining a consistent brand message for your apparel products.

Industrial Labels

Our experienced team will design effective industrial labels that ensure product identification, asset tracking, and compliance with safety regulations.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive – or peel and stick – label offer easy application. Available on many different substrates in either sheet fed or roll label application.

Woven Labels

Woven labels offer soft, high-detail designs with a great textile finish. Perfect for application on soft goods, apparel, handbags, mattress labels, pillow tags, patches and textile decoration. 

Specialty Labels

Sometimes your brand requires a specialized look. We offer many unique branding solutions, including leather labels, performance labels and our distinctive DomeTEC product.

Domed Labels

Beautifully printed and embossed labels with a bubble-like clear surface. Pops your label off of the surface with a 3D effect to highlight your branding. 

Printed Satin Labels

High quality printed satin labels suitable for sew-in, iron-on or pressure sensitive application. Create a unique, embellished look with foil stamping or die cut shapes.

Roll Labels

High-quality printed roll labels adapt to whatever imprinting or dispensing equipment is required. Suitable for sew-in, iron-on or pressure sensitive application. 

Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels protect both the consumer and the integrity of the brand. They can be designed to be an integral and beautiful part of the package, while adding a level of safety and security for the consumer.

Embroidered Labels

Embroidered labels maintain softness and flexibility with the pop of embroidery. The variety of color and texture, including metallic threads, add a refined look to both labels and top of bed.

Health & Beauty Labels

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, well-designed custom labels for beauty and health products ensure shoppers in this super-competitive landscape will notice your product. 

Types Of Labels

Personalizing your product with a high-quality custom label is the best way to catch the attention of potential customers. But with so many different types of labels available, how do you know which is the right one for your product?

Investing in a more customized label can change how the consumer views your product. Wright Global Graphics has the technology and experience to advise you on the best type of label for your product. We make everything from woven mattress and apparel labels to premium brand and tamper evident labels for wine and craft spirit bottles.

The Right Label For The Job – Removable And Non-Removable Product Labels

There are many things to consider when it comes to producing a brand label. The most important thing to know is what type of material the label will be attached to, what conditions it will be exposed to and how long the label needs to perform.

Removable labels adhere to the product but can be removed with little difficulty without leaving any type of residue. Labels that need to permanently adhere to your product would be produced with a specific type of pressure sensitive adhesive, iron-on adhesive or labels that can be sewn directly onto the product.

Partnering with the right graphic design and printing company can further help build your brand with the endless combinations available for branded product labels. Only a professional label printer like Wright Global Graphics can create the right label for the job when it comes to removable labels and non-removable labels.

Eco-Friendly Labels

Add a custom eco-friendly label to your product to show consumers that it is environmentally friendly. Using organic or recycled materials can help make your product more marketable. At Wright Global Graphics, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly labels for use on organic foods and beverages. For organic soft goods like pillows and mattresses, we suggest woven labels, or labels printed onto organic cotton material.

Descriptive Label

A descriptive label tells the consumer everything they need to know about your product, from the ingredients to instructions on how to use the product. We can help make sure you are very thorough when describing your product with informative labels that connect with the consumer.

Label Materials

There are many different types of labeling materials to choose from. In many cases, the type of product itself determines what materials should be used in making the label. At Wright Global Graphics, we help you choose the materials best suited to use when labeling your product. We also offer quality services to create attractive, high end labels that catch the eyes of your consumers, from foil stamping to custom embossing, or woven labels with metallic threads.

Custom Labels

A custom label distinguishes the special attributes about your brand. It makes your product unique among those of your competitors. Your label should also provide clear product information such as special attributes or features that distinguish your product from others in the industry.

At Wright Global Graphics, we make sure your labels contain the right information, helping to speed up the approval process of your product packaging so your products get on the shelves and into consumers’ hands sooner. We know the ins and outs of label requirements and regulations for products in various industries, so we can ensure each label has the right information required to master the approval process.

We even have experience making wine and spirit labels that contain the proper TTB requirements, in order to make sure your product is advertised appropriately.

Tips For Labeling

Your label should always reflect the personality of your brand, from its colors to its messaging. Wright Global Graphics’ in-house creatives create award-winning designs at affordable prices. Or, we can work with your chosen designer to ensure your labels clearly show consumers who you are.

When picking out or developing design concepts for your own branded label, consider these tips:

• Always include your logo
• Use clear, high quality fonts and images on your label.
• Select the right materials when deciding how to best print your label
• Consider the lifespan of the label and the conditions it might be exposed to such as sunlight, moisture or general wear and tear.
• Assess your label design to ensure it is stands out from your competitors

Why Labeling With Wright Global Graphics?

Wright Global Graphics can help you determine the materials best suited for the labels on your products. We produce labels of all sorts, ranging from pressure sensitive labels on bottles to branded labels for apparel, floor covering and mattresses, as well as deck labels for furniture.

Our custom labels can meet your unique packaging needs, including the regulatory requirements for specialty products. Let’s work together to create high end labels that make your products pop!

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