Did You Hear The “Looming” News From WGG?

Here at Wright Global Graphics we take a holistic approach to provide our customers with fresh, unique designs, state-of-the-art production and quality manufacturing that delivers memorable branding. We recently expanded our woven label department to add to our capacity and capabilities. Now we have the ability to produce larger quantities while turning orders around faster and bringing new designs, like a double-sided label, to market.

Weaving is a slow process. Whether the design is simple or complex, all woven labels are constructed of thousands stands of colored yarn. Warp and weft are the two basic components used in weaving – think longitude and latitude. Warp yarns run lengthwise and are held stationary in tension while the weft yarns are drawn through and inserted over-and-under the warp. Historically, early looms took months to set up and thread. Even today with modern computerized looms the process is still somewhat slow, but the finished product is so worth the effort!

We use Jacquard looms in our shop. More precisely, we use power looms fitted with Jacquard heads which are devices that allows us to weave intricate patterns and textures using computer technology. The process of threading a Jacquard loom is so labor-intensive that many looms will only be threaded like this once in their lifetime. Thankfully, once is enough. When it’s time to replace the warp, the new warp threads can be tied into the existing warp, shortening this lengthy process. Originally, perforated paper cards or tapes were used to create the woven designs. This perforated card technique is viewed by many as the precursor to modern computer science

WGG loom 3842


Woven labels are very versatile and can be laser cut or folded into most any shape! The soft, intricate designs add a unique and identifiable finishing touch to any product. Don’t let the word “soft” fool you because these labels are also high quality and very durable. Brands choose woven labels because they offer high-detail designs with a great textile finish and can help add to the authenticity of your product since they are not easily copied. Most woven labels can either be sewn-in or ironed onto a product or applied using a pressure sensitive “peel and stick” backing. They are perfect for application on soft goods in apparel, such as clothing, handbags, shoes, patches and textile decoration and in the home furnishings industry on mattress labels, pillow tags, rugs, sofas and more.

Since weaving is internationally recognized as an art – and in honor of our expansion – we thought we would share some fun facts about looms and weaving. Or…as we like to say, we’re going to “unravel” the history of this critical part of textile creation.

First, the FACTS:

  • ·       Research shows weaving goes back to the Paleolithic era – flax weavings were found in Fayum, Egypt, dating from around 5000 BC
  • ·       Since their initial construction, the basic mechanics of looms have remained unchanged, with only a long succession of improvements introduced to the system
  • ·       The most notable addition to the loom was the introduction of a drive-shaft power source, allowing for mechanized looms to be mass-produced and slowly evolved to the point of complete automation
  • ·       Historians argue that the power loom was central to the development of the Industrial Revolution and contributed greatly to the proliferation of large and high-quality fabrics worldwide

Now, For Some FUN:

  • ·       New York City’s Museum of Modern Art recently opened the “Taking a Thread for a Walk” exhibit that explores the art of weaving.
  • ·       Check it out! If you look at merchandise from some of your favorite luxury goods, such as Chanel, Burberry, Harrods and Hermes, you’ll see woven labels play an important role in the company’s tradition, branding and even helping consumers spot knock-offs.
  • ·       If you type “Weaving for Kids” into Amazon, there are over 3000 kits designed to help teach this craft! From pot-holders to friendship bracelets, these kits provide hours of entertainment for your child (or inner-child).

We think using a beautifully designed woven brand label will dress up your product and have memorable “curb appeal”. Kind of like that friendship bracelet.