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We produce beautiful brand labels and top of bed POP for many of the world’s leading mattress manufacturers, helping to turn interested shoppers into motivated buyers.

Why Mattress Labels?

With eight years as the average life expectancy of a mattress, families will nearly always be in the market for a new bed, whether parents are buying for themselves or their children.

Investing in the right mattress branding techniques and label features is essential. Inconsistent branding often conveys mixed messages, which can lead to confused customers and decreased sales. Make your mattress stand out on a showroom floor with strategically designed and placed labels that promote brand consistency and consumer trust.

Brand recognition is essential for company success, and adding labels to a mattress can help enhance your presence no matter where your mattress travels.

Brand Recognition

Labels that list the key features of a mattress help improve its sales. Consumers are often influenced by the brand of a product, which only increases the importance of including quality printed, woven, or leather labels.

When a mattress manufacturer directly sells to or partners with hotels, branding is no less important. These hotel mattresses are exposed to people traveling, which provides a greater opportunity to share the quality and name of the product. It is a more reliable trial period than lying on a mattress for two to three minutes among other shoppers. Many hotel guests look at the mattress itself after a good night’s sleep to identify the brand, which can lead to increased sales for your company.

Brand Security

Quality labels are more challenging to reproduce, which makes others less likely to create knockoffs of your brand. Leather labels and DomeTEC labels can be the most difficult to replicate, whether attached to twin, full, queen or king size beds.

To further reduce the risk of others rebranding and selling your products, Wright Global Graphics produces nonremovable labels specifically designed to withstand attempts to rip or tear them from the product.

Mattress Label Materials

Mattress labels can be produced using a number of different materials. It is rare to find one company that can produce them all. Whether selecting a printed satin label, a woven label, a DomeTEC badge, an embossed leather label or any other type of label you can think of, Wright Global Graphics has the capability to produce them in-house, in any quantity needed.

Mattress Label Placement

Sewing a label onto the side of a mattress can be effective, but only having it in one spot may not help your brand. Consider adding additional labels to other parts of the mattress to boost visibility and credibility.

Why Label Mattress Handles?

Handles increase functionality and can add a splash of style to any mattress. They also help housekeeping staff perform their duties more efficiently. If you want your mattress to make it big in the hospitality industry, quality branded handles for hotel mattresses may be the answer. Branded handles also make identifying the mattress easier for guests, so they are not pulling up the sheets at every corner looking for the name of your company.

Ensuring your mattresses are equipped with handles labeled with your brand is another way we can help your products outperform those of competitors. Choose from embroidered leather, embroidered fabric, or dye sublimation fabric printing for a high-quality branding opportunity.

How To Enhance Your Mattress Display

Adding branded accessories to your showroom display may be one of the most effective marketing techniques to increase sales. Whether in a mattress store or at major retailers, these additional features help distinguish your product from your competitors.

Add Branded Pillows

In addition to mattress labels, branding pillow cases with custom labels adds an elegant touch to any showroom or retail display. With various sizes and shapes of pillows available, a company can further differentiate its brand.

Create A Branded Headboard

If your mattress features more subtle branding, consider adding a branded headboard to the showroom display. Adding this visual makes a brand much more noticeable, regardless of where its products are sold. Whether your brand features bold or more subtle colors, Wright Global Graphics can help your products make an impact on your target sleepers.

Top Of Bed POP

Wright Global Graphics can ensure your top of bed POP pops. In addition to being a form of protection in the retail environment, top of bed POP is an ideal opportunity to increase brand awareness through your mattress display. It can also help navigate the consumer to the proper comfort level.

Questions To Ask When Investing In Mattress Labels

Before investing in the production of mattress labels, a company must consider various aspects of their labeling needs. Some lesser known inquiries include:

• What are the best label types for my product?
• What materials match my brand messaging and durability preferences?
• Will my brand naturally stand out from other names in the mattress industry?
• What is my budget for label production?
• What expertise does the label printing company have?
• Does the label printing company offer design services?

Mattress Labels

Having the right label helps to maintain brand recognition and drive consumer trust. Using a variety of manufacturing techniques, we produce woven labels, printed labels, embroidered labels, DomeTEC dimensional medallions and many other interesting and unique ways to brand your mattress. 

Top of Bed POP

Top of bed POP not only protects the floor model investment but also helps to identify the brand on the sales floor. It can be used to identify comfort levels and construction methods, act as a way of communicating features and benefits, as well as extend your brand message. 


Handles are a great way to add both function and style to your mattress. They work as an accent to help establish a brand look and can be made of fabric or leather and embellished with embroidery, DomeTEC medallions and unique trims.


Headboards add a vertical branding opportunity to the mattress showroom. They are used to call attention to the brand, can be a place to feature mattress components or benefits, or used to define the bedding gallery within the retail store.


Whether used as a place holder for your specialized pillows, or offer additional branding at retail, custom pillows help to finish your mattress display. We offer many different shapes, sizes and fabrics to help support and define your brand.

Corner Guards

Like handles, corner guards are another way to brand your mattress set. Made of metal, plastic or fabric, they protect the corners of the mattress foundation while adding style and finish to the whole design package. 

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