What Color Is Your Brand?








Did you know that in the first 90 seconds a person experiences your brand, their response is based on its color up to 90% of the time? Color research has shown that visual attributes are what shoppers and decision-makers focus on more than texture or smell. Color produces different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it emits light.

Psychologists found that color boosts memory. Let’s see if that’s true. When you think of the colors red and yellow, does a particular brand come to mind? If what comes to mind is followed by images of burgers and fries and the ketchup and mustard that comes with them, you are beginning to understand why brand colors are no accident.

Red and yellow have a substantial impact. They are known as primary colors, which are the bases for all colors. If you think about other brands that have red in their logo: a global news network, a well-known soda, an airline, and an online video sharing platform, to name a few, you begin to see it has helped to build a lot of powerful brands.

Colors can have positive and negative meanings depending on the context. Red can evoke power, strength, dominance, passion, and love. It can also, in specific contexts, raise the temperature, with impressions of heat or hot, it can also convey anger and aggression. Yellow, on the other hand, can connote happiness, sunshine, energy, and brightness. It can, in some context, convey cowardliness or inattentiveness. What does the color of your brand say about who you are as a company? The following chart will give you a start:  

Screen Shot 2020 12 17 at 4.10.09 PM

Color theory is an art and science that seeks to set guidelines for harmonious combinations. Primary colors red, blue and yellow can also blend with secondary colors orange, purple, and green into an array of tertiary colors. Every year new colors are developed. Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2021 are moving towards hues that bring a sense of peace and calm. Imagine that. Following trends isn’t always recommended; however, a color update may attract new customers, and we’re always here if you need us to help you color your brand.  

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